Aug 14th

Jonesboro Arkansas Family Photographer | The “M” Family

The “M” family was so much fun to photograph. Even though the clouds threatened to open up and rain on us and I’m pretty sure we could have been carried away by mosquitoes, it was an amazing session. Baby Jay was only 3 months old and loved looking around at the trees and people passing by in the park. Some of my favorite images though came at the end of the session. Jay was getting sleepy so his momma was swaying him in her arms. I had to capture the sweet sight before I put my camera away.

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Aug 13th

Jonesboro, AR Milestone and Family Photographer | Kendall and the Cows

I had the honor to capture Kendall’s newborn, 6 month and now her 12 month milestone portraits. This little girl is so happy and full of joy. For her 12 month portraits I was asked to come out to their farm for a cake smash with the cows!  So much fun!!  I also met her great-great-grandmother who is 92 years young! Kendall’s grandma was also there to get in a few photographs. Kendall loved her cake and had fun smashing it. There was cake EVERYWHERE!


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Jul 24th

Jonesboro Arkansas Maternity Photographer | Harmony

Harmony need a maternity photographer ASAP. I got a message from her one night, but I was out and didn’t respond right away. When I had the chance I began to look again for the message, but unfortunately it was lost in Facebook world. Wanting to help her out the next morning I made a post asking if anyone knew who it might have been and if they could please send her my way. Luckily a few of my clients knew who I was referring to and sent her my way. We began chatting and I realized I may not be able to get her into my schedule when she needed. Fate was on our side and everything worked out perfectly. Harmony, her husband Paxton, and I met that night at the park. It was a little cooler that night than it had been and the sun was out. It was a wonderful session and I am so happy I got the chance to meet them.


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  1. Beautiful maternity shoot. Love the outdoors sessions