Aug 14th

Jonesboro Arkansas Family Photographer | The “M” Family

The “M” family was so much fun to photograph. Even though the clouds threatened to open up and rain on us and I’m pretty sure we could have been carried away by mosquitoes, it was an amazing session. Baby Jay was only 3 months old and loved looking around at the trees and people passing by in the park. Some of my favorite images though came at the end of the session. Jay was getting sleepy so his momma was swaying him in her arms. I had to capture the sweet sight before I put my camera away.

2016-08-14_0003 2016-08-14_0004 2016-08-14_0005 2016-08-14_0006 2016-08-14_0007 2016-08-14_0008 2016-08-14_0009 2016-08-14_0010 2016-08-14_0011

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