Jul 24th

Jonesboro Arkansas Maternity Photographer | Harmony

Harmony need a maternity photographer ASAP. I got a message from her one night, but I was out and didn’t respond right away. When I had the chance I began to look again for the message, but unfortunately it was lost in Facebook world. Wanting to help her out the next morning I made a post asking if anyone knew who it might have been and if they could please send her my way. Luckily a few of my clients knew who I was referring to and sent her my way. We began chatting and I realized I may not be able to get her into my schedule when she needed. Fate was on our side and everything worked out perfectly. Harmony, her husband Paxton, and I met that night at the park. It was a little cooler that night than it had been and the sun was out. It was a wonderful session and I am so happy I got the chance to meet them.


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  1. Great photographs. Love your outdoor work!


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